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Navigating the Road to College and Beyond

Our blog offers wisdom for parents as they raise their high school students, guiding their transitions to college, graduate school, and the workplace. You will find many of your college application questions answered here, so take some time to peruse our categories!

Posts by Kris Hintz with updates by Kestin Gussoff.

Navigating the Road to College: A Handbook for Parents

Three years ago, not long after starting my college admissions consultancy, Position U 4 College LLC, I decided to write a blog to help parents guide their adolescents in the journey from high school to college. I hoped to offer more than “how-to” advice on the application

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Teach for America: Graduates Who Will Change the World

As a college admissions consultant, graduate school advisor, and career counselor, I work with young people of all levels of motivation, some who amaze me with their intensity and discipline. Often, however, I find myself nudging adolescents along, at the request of their parents, hoping to breathe

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The College Process: Dealing with Rejection

April is bittersweet for high school seniors. Most have a college acceptance in hand that makes them pretty happy, but many also have some denials or waitlist situations that leave them feeling confused, angry and disappointed. How can parents, college consultants, and guidance counselors help adolescents with

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Last Chance College Admissions Opportunities

April 1—April Fool’s Day—has arrived. Your student has fought the good fight: taken the standardized tests, applied to a number of schools, written myriad essays, and waited on pins and needles for months. There are a few decent choices, but nothing he or she is truly excited

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Preparing for a Major in…Psychology

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Preparing for a Major in…Marine Science

Your teen has always been interested in the ocean. What guidance can you offer to help her prepare for a future college major and career related to the marine environment? This is the first post of a series about preparation for a college major.  “Listen for the

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Why Study Liberal Arts in College?

Lynn O’Shaughnessy, higher education journalist, author of The College Solution, and expert on all things college and financial at the College Solution Blog and CBS Money Watch, recently wrote a thought-provoking piece called “8 Reasons Not to Get A Business Degree.” I highly recommend Lynn’s post for

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Antidotes for the Race to Nowhere

Vicki Abeles’ grassroots documentary film, Race to Nowhere, has generated reflection and thoughtful discussion among parents, teachers and policymakers about achievement pressure placed on our nation’s children and adolescents. As described on its website, the film “points to the silent epidemic in our schools: cheating has become commonplace,

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Amy Chua: Everybody Needs a Tiger

Last week’s post, “Amy Chua: The Lady or the Tiger” drew heavy response from my readers. As I followed the viral web response to Amy Chua‘s controversial memoir, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. a plethora of new blog ideas swirled in my head. Well, at

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Amy Chua: The Lady or the Tiger

No self-respecting college consultant would wait another week to weigh in on Amy Chua‘s controversial memoir, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Today I curled up with my border collie puppy, as a freezing rain destroyed the January snow around our NJ farmhouse, downloaded Tiger Mother

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