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Antidotes for the Race to Nowhere

Vicki Abeles’ grassroots documentary film, Race to Nowhere, has generated reflection and thoughtful discussion among parents, teachers and policymakers about achievement pressure placed on our nation’s children and adolescents. As described on its website, the film “points to the silent epidemic in our schools: cheating has become commonplace,

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Amy Chua: Everybody Needs a Tiger

Last week’s post, “Amy Chua: The Lady or the Tiger” drew heavy response from my readers. As I followed the viral web response to Amy Chua‘s controversial memoir, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. a plethora of new blog ideas swirled in my head. Well, at

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Amy Chua: The Lady or the Tiger

No self-respecting college consultant would wait another week to weigh in on Amy Chua‘s controversial memoir, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Today I curled up with my border collie puppy, as a freezing rain destroyed the January snow around our NJ farmhouse, downloaded Tiger Mother

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Prepare for College Essays by Journaling

How can you prepare your sophomore or junior for the college process ahead? You may have read my posts 10 Things You Can Do for Your College-Bound 10th Grader and Your 11th Grader’s 11 Steps to Success. But you’re still worried about those dreaded essays… What if your

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How Should College-Bound Teens Spend Winter Break?

After family time and a bit of R&R, here are some tips on activities you can encourage your high school student to pursue during winter break, divvied out by grade: Seniors. Your 12th Grader may be in the fortunate situation to have already heard good news from

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First day of high school

Your teenager is excited with anticipation, worried by insecurity.  You’ve cleaned out Staples and Aeropostale. OMG! Sometime this week, your kid will begin his first year of high school (in some areas, it has already begun!). In some cases the transition is a bigger deal than others.

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