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Should I Take the SAT, the ACT, or BOTH?

Standardized testing for college entry can be overwhelming. Although I am a college consultant and not an admissions test tutor, I am frequently confronted with the question from parents: “Should my kid take the SAT, the ACT, or both?” Let’s see if I can demystify this a

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Prepare for College Essays by Journaling

How can you prepare your sophomore or junior for the college process ahead? You may have read my posts 10 Things You Can Do for Your College-Bound 10th Grader and Your 11th Grader’s 11 Steps to Success. But you’re still worried about those dreaded essays… What if your

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Do You Need “A Passion” To Get Into College?

Who brought that ubiquitous word “PASSION” to the college admissions process? Consultants? “How To Apply” books? Admissions officers? Guidance counselors? This word does not come from a teen vocabulary. It’s too extreme, too emotional, too revealing, too blurred with sex or romance, too intense, too uncool, too

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Finding the Best College for Your Major

“My son is interested in sports marketing,” the father explains when I pick up the “BATPHONE“ at Position U 4 College. “What colleges should we look at that would offer that major?” Fortunately, I can suggest several excellent books for finding schools that offer (and are known

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How Should College-Bound Teens Spend Winter Break?

After family time and a bit of R&R, here are some tips on activities you can encourage your high school student to pursue during winter break, divvied out by grade: Seniors. Your 12th Grader may be in the fortunate situation to have already heard good news from

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