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Overlooked States for Northeast College Applicants: Ohio

Location, location, location!  It’s human nature to want to live in a place that is familiar to you, which you perceive as having a caché among your peers. Problem is, when you choose a place that all your peers desire as well, whether we are talking about

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Video Interview: The College Visit

Parents of high school juniors have been busy planning college visits since January, and your family will be traveling to campuses during school breaks for the next few months. I hope my recent blog post, How to Plan a College Visit, gave you some helpful perspective to prepare

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Wrapping Up Junior Year

What should your high school junior be focusing on to prepare for the college process right now? For helpful direction, review some of my junior year posts: “Your 11th Grader’s 11 Steps to Success” “11th Grade Parents’ Reading List” “The Next Six Months of College Visits” “Preparing

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Finding the Best College for Your Major

“My son is interested in sports marketing,” the father explains when I pick up the “BATPHONE“ at Position U 4 College. “What colleges should we look at that would offer that major?” Fortunately, I can suggest several excellent books for finding schools that offer (and are known

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How Should College-Bound Teens Spend Winter Break?

After family time and a bit of R&R, here are some tips on activities you can encourage your high school student to pursue during winter break, divvied out by grade: Seniors. Your 12th Grader may be in the fortunate situation to have already heard good news from

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