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Navigating the Road to College: A Handbook for Parents

Three years ago, not long after starting my college admissions consultancy, Position U 4 College LLC, I decided to write a blog to help parents guide their adolescents in the journey from high school to college.

I hoped to offer more than “how-to” advice on the application process (although “how to” is certainly a valuable service). I also wanted to offer some personal observations, from the perspective of a college consultant, psychology aficionado, and of course, a parent of a college student, on the emotional rites of passage that parents and teens experience throughout the complex transition from high school to college.

Like most novice bloggers, I stumbled through creating a WordPress site, making it up as I went along. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was beginning to draw a following of interested readers. It was gratifying to think that an insight, word of empathy, or nugget of advice was helpful to a parent or family “out there” who might be struggling with the stressful dynamics of the college process, or with the bittersweet feelings of actually moving one’s young adult child to college.

Readers, clients and friends began to encourage me to assemble my most popular blogs into a book. So I collaborated with Deborah Ernst, a veteran high school teacher and guidance counselor from Kalamazoo, Michigan, to create Navigating the Road to College: A Handbook for Parents. For further perspective on the book, I invite you to view a video interview I did with Myung Bondy of HomeTowne TV, a local access cable station in Summit, NJ.


As my readers know, I hardly ever post a “commercial” on my blog, but I thought this was an appropriate exception. If you have found my blog helpful, you may find my book to be a valuable resource as well. Visit to purchase, in paperback or Kindle ebook format. If you like it, I would be honored if you’d review it. I value your feedback!