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Parents of High School Juniors: Navigating the Road to College

Parents of high school juniors, you are probably just beginning to wrap your minds around the landscape of the college process. As a college consultant and fellow parent, I am here to help. This blog has many helpful posts about junior year and what is ahead, such as: What Is Important to Colleges? Top Ten Factors, Your 11th Grader’s 11 Steps to Success, Parents of 11th Graders: Get Set for Junior College Night!, College Reading List for 11th Grade Parents, Public vs. Private Universities or Liberal Arts Colleges, and Should I Take the SAT, the ACT, or Both? to name a few.

A resource you may want to pick up for guidance on the white-knuckle ride is my recent book, Navigating the Road to College: A Handbook for Parents. It is part “how to” and part reflective observation that will encourage you along the journey. Available in paperback and Kindle editions; visit for purchase information and reviews. While you and your high school junior are mapping out the next year’s “mission” over the holidays, this book will serve as a helpful guide that will reduce stress, avoid mistakes, and enhance your appreciation of the rites of passage you are soon to experience with your teen.

Below is a discussion of my book from a recent interview I did last year onHometowne TV, a local access cable network based in Summit, NJ, hosted by Myung Bondy. You can find additional segments of this interview covering a number of college application topics on my YouTube channel.


Another powerful way to prepare for the mission ahead is to listen to my recent audiopodcast interview with former Princeton University financial aid director and admissions committee member Don Betterton. If you would like a seasoned insider’s perspective on what the Ivies look for, relative advantages of applicant “tags” such as early decision or legacy status, the role of the college essay, or how to afford college, this interview offers valuable insights. Check my website  for details.

Hope you will be checking in often to this blog as you move through the college process with your adolescent!