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Navigating the Road to College and Beyond

Our blog offers wisdom for parents as they raise their high school students, guiding their transitions to college, graduate school, and the workplace. You will find many of your college application questions answered here, so take some time to peruse our categories!

Posts by Kris Hintz with updates by Kestin Gussoff.

Wrapping Up Junior Year

What should your high school junior be focusing on to prepare for the college process right now? For helpful direction, review some of my junior year posts: “Your 11th Grader’s 11 Steps to Success” “11th Grade Parents’ Reading List” “The Next Six Months of College Visits” “Preparing

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Countdown to Graduation!

Now that you know where your child is going to college, check out my posts to survive the rest of high school senior year and begin the college launch! “Senioritis and What To Do About It” “College Dorm Checklist: A Sneak Peek” “The College Transition Bible” What’s

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Do You Need “A Passion” To Get Into College?

Who brought that ubiquitous word “PASSION” to the college admissions process? Consultants? “How To Apply” books? Admissions officers? Guidance counselors? This word does not come from a teen vocabulary. It’s too extreme, too emotional, too revealing, too blurred with sex or romance, too intense, too uncool, too

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Finding the Best College for Your Major

“My son is interested in sports marketing,” the father explains when I pick up the “BATPHONE“ at Position U 4 College. “What colleges should we look at that would offer that major?” Fortunately, I can suggest several excellent books for finding schools that offer (and are known

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Inside the College Admissions Office…What Every Family Needs to Know

Update: If you missed this seminar, or don’t live in the NJ area, I will be offering a podcast interview with Don Betterton as part of the exclusive content available to Position U 4 College premium subscribers. Sign up for our e-newsletter for upcoming details of this

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December 15: Day of Reckoning for College-Bound High School Seniors

The day we’ve all been waiting for? December 15 is the day when many colleges notify Early Decision and Early Action applicants of acceptance, deferral or denial. The notification timing is in fact all over the board, but December 15 has taken on a symbolic meaning.In recent

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How Should College-Bound Teens Spend Winter Break?

After family time and a bit of R&R, here are some tips on activities you can encourage your high school student to pursue during winter break, divvied out by grade: Seniors. Your 12th Grader may be in the fortunate situation to have already heard good news from

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The College Waiting Game

Thanksgiving is over, and your high school senior returns to school for one of the most nerve-wracking periods of an already stressful year. Your high school student may have chosen to apply Early Decision (“ED”), Early Action (“EA”), priority application or rolling admissions. Even if your teen

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College Reading List for 11th Grade Parents

While your high school junior prepares for standardized tests and works on keeping grades up in challenging courses, what should you be doing to prepare for the college process? READ. Keep discussions about college to a minimum until midway through your student’s junior year. Your son or

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Senior Year Parent? Learn to Paint

My sister calls it “agita.” My Jewish girlfriend calls it “shpilkis”. It’s the kind of waiting that drives you crazy inside. You feel a sense of urgency, but the action isn’t up to you. You feel impotent and absolutely furious, like your head will explode. “Did you

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