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Services & Rates

If you have a high school junior graduating in 2018 and would like to engage our services to develop a college list, please email us January-April 2017 to schedule a free telephone consultation. This conversation will help us clarify what your needs are and discuss how to best serve your individual situation. Before the phone call, it would be helpful for you to review our services and rates below, as well as our Coaching Agreement to understand mutual expectations.

Such a phone call can be scheduled by clicking on the button below.

Free Consultation Offer


Services, Providers and Rates (as of July 1, 2016)

College List with BCP Evaluator 1 Kris Hintz $300 flat rate, 3 hour session
Unique Positioning Resume Development Kris Hintz $150 first hour, $100 per additional hour in same session
College Essay Brainstorming
(in-person or Skype)
Kris Hintz & Deborah Ernst, or Kestin Gussoff (as available: we guarantee one consultant per session) $150 first hour, $100 per additional hour in same session
College Essay Development
(in-person or Skype)
Kris Hintz, Kestin Gussoff, or Deborah Ernst (as available: we guarantee one consultant per session) $150 first hour, $100 per additional hour in same session
College Essay Editing (GoogleDocs or email) Kris Hintz, Kestin Gussoff, or Deborah Ernst (as available) $100 per hour
Common Application Workshop 2 Al “Doc” Snider & Kris Hintz $75 per person, 4 hour group workshop
“Position U 4 Success – in College” Workshop 3 Kris Hintz, Hannah Rose Bainter, Kestin Gussoff $75 per person, 4 hour group workshop
College, Internship/Job or Graduate School Interview Prep
(in-person or Skype)
Kris Hintz, Deborah Ernst, or Hannah Rose Bainter (as available: we guarantee one consultant per session) $150 first hour, $100 per additional hour in same session
Graduate School Essay Brainstorming & Development
(in-person or Skype)
Kris Hintz $150 first hour, $100 per additional hour in same session
Graduate School Essay Editing (GoogleDocs or email) Kris Hintz $100 per hour
College or Graduate School Program Research Kris Hintz $50 per hour

Special Services

1. BCP EVALUATOR™: We have an on-going affiliate relationship with Don Betterton of Betterton College Planning. Don spent over thirty years at Princeton University, as Admissions Committee Member and Financial Aid Director. As an independent college consultant, Don developed the powerful BCP Evaluator™ system for organizing a college list that realistically projects a student’s chances of admission at competitive colleges. Our affiliation gives us licensed access to this unique planning tool. Kris Hintz has had successful experience with using this tool since 2010.

2. Common Application Workshop: Kris Hintz and Al “Doc” Snider walk students through the Common Application in a group setting of 6-8 students. Students bring their laptops and complete the basic Common App forms in a 4-hour session, gaining preliminary insights into the basic and supplemental essay process.

3. “Position U 4 Success – in College” Workshop: Kris Hintz, Hannah Rose Bainter and Kestin Gussoff lead 10-15 high school seniors through a 4-hour interactive discussion to help them to thrive as college freshmen.

Coaching Agreement

If we decide to go forward with a coaching relationship, we will need to sign a Coaching Agreement prior to our formal work together. This will clarify the services we will be providing, what we expect from the person receiving the consulting services, and certain limitations. Please review the statement below before our initial telephone consultation so that you understand how we work.

Be aware that our services are strictly advisory. We will not contact the student’s current school or any other party to discuss the student’s application process or academic record, nor will we contact any school on behalf of the student for any purpose whatsoever.

It shall be the responsibility of the parent and/or student to secure academic and personal recommendations; register and pay for necessary standardized tests; arrange for the transmission of test scores to colleges; complete, finalize, pay for and submit all applications for admission and financial aid; monitor the status of all applications, college visits, interviews and financial aid materials; and notify colleges of the student’s enrollment decisions. Position U 4 College will not be responsible for any of these items.

The student and parent also need to understand that the application process is complex and uncertain, and that the decision to accept or reject an applicant is in the control of the school and not within our control. Position U 4 College does not guarantee acceptance into any institution.

In-person sessions are conducted at our office in Basking Ridge, NJ. Skype sessions can be used selectively, at the same rate as in-person sessions, after a face-to-face relationship has been established. The fee engages the services of one consultant. While we often provide two consultants as available so that there are two individuals within our organization who build rapport with the student, two consultants are not guaranteed for any session. We do not travel to the client’s home.

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