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Position U 4 College Consulting LLC admission consultants have helped hundreds of New York and New Jersey high school students succeed in the college process. We can help you optimally position yourself to get into a college that fits your goals, needs, talents and values, where you will thrive–and succeed.

Learn more about how a college admissions counselor can help you position yourself to get into college.

No need to be overwhelmed by college essays! Help is just a phone call away. Here’s how an expert college admissions counselor can help you find a college that’s a great fit for you and maximize your chances of admission:

  • Discover your distinctive strengths and passions
  • Create your unique positioning
  • Find colleges that are a great match for your goals, needs, talents and values
  • Create a realistic college list with the Betterton Evaluator™ tool
  • Tutoring for standardized testing and high school subjects to optimize your academic credentials
  • Develop effective college applications, resume, college essays, and timeline

Learn how to communicate your unique positioning in your application, personal statement, supplemental college essays, resume, and interviews to give you the best chance of admission to the college of your choice.

Find out how a college admissions coach can help you get into college with essay help and so much more.

One-on-one college coaching sessions are supervised in our New Jersey office by the new owner of Position U 4 College Consulting LLC, Deborah Ernst, veteran high school educator, guidance counselor, standardized testing verbal tutor, and college admissions consultant.

Position U 4 College Consulting LLC has an affiliate relationship with Don Betterton of Betterton College Planning, for Financial Aid Director and Admissions Committee member at Princeton University. This affiliation gives us licensed access to the powerful BCP Evaluator™ system for organizing a college list that realistically projects a student’s chances of admission at competitive colleges. Furthermore, Deborah is highly experienced with a full range of excellent college research tools, such as Naviance, US News & World Report College RankingsCollege Board Big Future, and College Xpress Lists,  She will work with your student to thoroughly research a prospective university’s departments and programs of interest.

Contact NJ college admissions consultant Deborah Ernst.