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Navigating the Road to College and Beyond

Our blog offers wisdom for parents as they raise their high school students, guiding their transitions to college, graduate school, and the workplace. You will find many of your college application questions answered here, so take some time to peruse our categories!

Posts by Kris Hintz with updates by Kestin Gussoff.

First day of high school

Your teenager is excited with anticipation, worried by insecurity.  You’ve cleaned out Staples and Aeropostale. OMG! Sometime this week, your kid will begin his first year of high school (in some areas, it has already begun!). In some cases the transition is a bigger deal than others.

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College Move-In: The Aftermath

My shoulders ached, despite the Advils I’d been taking all day. I had just finished move-in for my son’s sophomore year at Emory. I finished my Diet Coke, so fitting at “Coca Cola U.” It was thankfully unseasonably cool for Atlanta in August, with a refreshing breeze

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When Big Brother or Sister Goes to College

Years ago, when the older daughter of family friends was leaving for college, I was trying to comfort the more reserved younger daughter, who was trying to prepare emotionally for her beloved sister’s departure. The two sisters had a close relationship, and I knew they would miss

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