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Navigating the Road to College: A Handbook for Parents


After my first few years of writing a blog for parents of college-bound teens, clients and friends asked me to organize my posts into a book. In response, I authored Navigating the Road to College: A Handbook for Parents in 2011, collaborating with Deborah Ernst as my citations editor.

This user-friendly, reassuring book is available on, in either paperback or Kindle format.

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Praise from…

Lynn O’Shaughnessy, author of The College Solution and college blogger for US News & World Report, CBS MoneyWatch and The College Solution.

“Just thinking about the college admission process can be scary and daunting, but Kris Hintz can help you greatly reduce your stress level as you navigate your college choices. Her book shares practical ways that students can increase their chances of getting into wonderful colleges and universities that are the absolute best fits! I highly recommend this book.”

Don Betterton, thirty-year financial aid director and admissions committee member of Princeton University, College Board trustee, and consultant to universities and families.

“It is hard to categorize Navigating the Road to College. I guess it can best be described as a manual for all things college — from what courses to take in the 9th grade to what to expect when your college freshman son comes home for Thanksgiving — with lots of sound advice and keen observations in between. Navigating the Road to College is a well-written, lively, and important read for any parent with a child looking ahead to college, applying to college, or going off to college. Although I’ve been in the college admission business for 40 years, I soon found myself with a highlighter in hand, marking sentence after sentence of helpful information that I plan to use with my own clients. Truly a significant addition to the field of college guides.”

Carol Fishman Cohen, co-author of Back on the Career Track: A Guide for Stay-at- Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work and co-founder of iRelaunch, a company producing career re-entry programs, events and content for employers, universities, organizations and individuals.

“This comprehensive and tactical guide to the college admissions process is the perfect blend of expert advice, anecdotal examples, and warmth, with a good dose of calm, rational thinking thrown in. I just went through ‘the process’ with the third of my four children. I’m glad I’ll be able to reference Kris Hintz’s Navigating the Road to College my last time around!”