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Free Consultation Offer

Overwhelmed by the college application process?
The paperwork, intimidating deadlines, family arguments, nerve-wracking competition, and endless stress? Not sure where to look for college application assistance or college essay help?

It doesn't have to be that way! IMAGINE THIS...

Position U 4 Colleage

Position U 4 College offers college admissions consulting and career advice for graduates and college students.

Position U 4 College is a college and career coaching service that will help you discover your strengths and passions, take ownership of the college admissions process, find great school alternatives that fit you, and present the "unique" you to colleges.

  • Refreshing self-discovery process
  • Finding your key strengths and passions
  • Creating your unique "positioning"
  • Finding colleges where you will thrive
  • College application assistance and college essay help that persuades colleges why YOU are perfectly positioned to meet their needs

Position U 4 College offers you this approach!

Find College Essay Help at Position U 4 College.College Admissions Consultant Services:

One-on-one college coaching sessions are conducted in our Basking Ridge NJ offices by Position U 4 College admissions consultant, Kris Hintz and her affiliates. Our affiliation with Betterton College Planning gives us licensed access to the powerful BCP Evaluator TM system for organizing a college list that realistically projects a student's chances of admission at competitive colleges.

Learn more about how a college admissions counselor can help you position yourself to get into college.

Advice for Graduates at Position U 4 CollegeCareer Advice for Graduates and College Students

Our consulting services don't end the day you get into college. Career counselor Kris Hintz provides guidance for students planning for summer jobs or internships, and career advice for graduates seeking entry level positions.

Learn more about our career advice for graduates and college students.

MBA Admissions Consultant Services at Position U 4 College.Graduate School and Business School Applications Consultant Services.

We also help college students or recent grads optimally position themselves for graduate and professional schools, particularly MBA programs. Business school admissions consultant Kris Hintz has helped many young adults find the graduate school path that is best for their future.

Learn more about how an MBA admissions consultant can help you get into graduate school.

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